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First Cycle Readings – 28 November 2011 – 20 February 2012

28 November – On Coups & Recuperation:

Primary Reading:

Pointblank!, ‘Strange Defeat: The Chilean Revolution, 1973.

Secondary readings:

Todd Gordon and Jeffery R. Webber, ‘From Cartagena to Tegucigalpa: Imperialism and the Future of the Honduran Resistance’, July 2011.

Caiman del Barrio, ‘Book review: “Venezuela – Revolution as Spectacle” by Rafael Uzcátegui’, September 2011


19 December – On Zapatismo

Primary Reading:

Zapatista Army of National Liberation, Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, June 2005.

Secondary Readings:

Staughton Lynd & Andrej Grubacic, Wobblies & Zapatistas: Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and Radical History, 2008, pp. 3-11.  (Full text here)

Aufheben, ‘A Commune in Chiapas?, A Mexico and the Zapatista Rebellion, 1994-2000’ in Aufheben #9, Autumn 2000.


9 January  16 January – On Riots

Primary Reading:

Aufheben, ‘LA ’92: The Context of a Proletarian Uprising’, in Aufheben #1, Autumn 1992.

Secondary Readings:

Situationist International, ‘The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy’, from Internationale Situationiste #10, December 1965, July 1992 translation.

Research & Destroy, Plaza-Riot-Commune, 2011.


30 January –  On Culture & Representation

Primary Reading:

Up Against The Wall Motherfucker! – Interview with Ben Morea

Secondary Readings:

Melanie Gilligan, ‘Slumsploitation – The Favela on Film and TV’, from Mute Magazine, September 2006.

Tom Jennings, ‘Rebel Poets Reloaded’, in Variant #30, Winter 2007.

Rupert Neate, Zoe Wood and Sam Hinkle, ‘UK riots: Love affair with gangster-chic turns sour for top fashion brands’, in The Guardian, 12 August, 2011.


20 February – On Crisis (Part One)

R.S [Theorie Communiste], ‘The Present Moment’, in Sic #1, Nov 2011.

(Or if yr short of time:)

Theorie Communiste, ‘Communization in the Present Tense’, in Benjamin Noys (ed.), Communization and its Discontents: Contestation, Critique, and Contemporary Struggles, Nov 2011, pp. 41-58

Woland, ‘The Historical Production of the Revolution of the Current Period’, in Sic #1, Nov 2011.




4 thoughts on “First Cycle Readings – 28 November 2011 – 20 February 2012

  1. this seems intriguing….do you guys have a Facebook group page or anything?

    Posted by Punko Regarto | December 19, 2011, 7:04 am
  2. Hey,
    This looks interesting. I am assuming it is open to all-comers?

    Posted by immediateworldwidedereification | December 20, 2011, 8:00 am

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